Friday, 15 February 2013

Reason in this Season

In these days leading up to the 25th, Ellyn von Huben reflects on the "fun" holiday that has replaced Christmas, the lukewarm version of a celebration which, lacking in meaning, offers little more than the occasion for twinkle lights and used wrapping paper. This Christmas, we certainly need more than that. Ellyn explains.  

Christmas is hard to avoid. For the devout Christian who wishes to keep his heart in Advent it is almost adversarial. The music and decorations begin right after Halloween; as I have mentioned before, the American Thanksgiving holiday has been subsumed as minor part of the ramping up to Christmas. And Twelve Days of Christmas exist for many people as just a song echoing in their heads as they haul the Christmas tree to the curb on December 26. It’s a given that it won’t be heard on radio or Muzak at that point.

Given the saturation of Christmas in America, it is not surprising that those who do not believe should appropriate the trappings and fun of the holiday. Really, what’s not to like? There is sentimental music, food, glittery decorations, and presents - all to be enjoyed.

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